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Peripheral Occlusive Arterial Disease

1. Fontaine stage IV peripheral arterial occlusive disease: The Cost to Society.

CATALYST Healthcare Communications, Cambridge, UK 1993.

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2. Critical limb ischaemia: the burden of illness in the UK.

Authors: WM Hart & JF Guest.
Source: British Journal of Medical Economics 1995; 8: 211-221.

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3. Costs and consequences of managing critical limb ischaemia in the UK.

Presented at the 17th World Congress of the International Union of Angiology, London, April 1995.

4. Cost effectiveness of cilostazol compared with naftidrofuryl and pentoxifylline in the treatment of intermittent claudication in the UK.

Authors: JF Guest, A Davie, J Clegg.
Source: Current Medical Research and Opinion 2005; 21(6):817-26.

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