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Erectile Dysfunction

1. Intracorporeal and transurethral application of alprostadil: A review of the literature.

Authors: TN Flynn, J Plumb & JF Guest.
Source: The 8th World Meeting on Impotence Research, pp255 - 259. Monduzzi Editore S.p.A. Bologna, Italy 1998.

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2. Cost-effectiveness of Viridal Duo compared to MUSE and Viagra in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in the UK - a preliminary model.

Authors: JM Plumb & JF Guest.
Source: Journal of Medical Economics 1999; 2: 65-83.

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3. Annual cost of erectile dysfunction to UK society.

Authors: JM Plumb & JF Guest.
Source: PharmacoEconomics 1999; 16(6): 699-709.

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4. Health-related quality of life in a UK-based population of men with erectile dysfunction.

Authors: JF Guest and R Das Gupta.
Source: Pharmacoeconomics 2002; 20(2): 109-117

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