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Critical Care

1. Cost-effectiveness of dopexamine hydrochloride infusions in high-risk surgical patients to increase perioperative oxygen delivery.

Authors: JF Guest, WM Hart, O Boyd, R Grounds & E Bennett.
Source: European Society of Intensive Care Medicine, pp 471-474. Monduzzi Editore S.p.A. Bologna, Italy 1995.

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2. Cost-effectiveness of using dopexamine to increase perioperative oxygen delivery in high-risk surgical patients.

Presented at the 15th International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine, Brussels, March 1995, the International Symposium of Acute Problems in Intensive Therapy, Munich, April 1995 and the 8th European Congress of Intensive Care Medicine, Athens, October 1995.

3. A cost analysis of a treatment policy of a deliberate perioperative increase in oxygen delivery in high-risk surgical patients.

Authors: JF Guest, O Boyd, WM Hart, RM Grounds & ED Bennett.
Source: Intensive Care Medicine 1997; 23(1): 85-90.

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4. Relative cost-effectiveness of using a liquid human milk fortifier in preterm infants in the United States.
Authors: JF Guest, F Moya, PM Sisk, ML Hudak, D Kuehn.
Source: ClinicoEconomics and Outcomes Research 2017:9 49–57.

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